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- Here's an Electrochemistry Online Dictionary (electrochemistry encyclopedia)

- Some info about Series vs. Parallel Wiring (Solotron Industries)

Concentration of Reagents

Need to make 1N HCl from Concentrated HCl?

Here's what you need to know;

I N = 1 mol/1L
1 mol HCl = 36.46 grams
ACS Conc. HCl soln. is approx. = 37% HCl
Density of HCl Soln is approx = 1.18 g/mL

Here's a way to calculate how many milliliters of ACS Con HCl are needed to produce 1 Liter of 1N HCl;

1N HCl =1 mol of HCl per Liter x gram weight per mol HCl x amount of soln needed to obtain gram weight per mol HCl x 1 mL of soln/gram weight of 1 mL HCl soln = mL of HCl soln needed to prepare 1 Liter of 1N soln.

so if you plug in the numbers, it looks like this;

1N HCl = 1 mol HCl/1L x 36.46g HCl/1 mol HCl x 100g HCl sol/37g HCl x 1mL/1.18g HCl soln. =

approx 83.5 mL HCl soln.

Any acid will work just adjust your initial constants & of course add the acid to the water!

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